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Step 1: Initial Assessment and Rough Estimate. Eurotech service specialists consider all the factors involved in the repair and restoration of your vehicle. Our specialists thoroughly inspect your vehicle and use computer programs to develop a detailed estimate of the parts and labor required to restore your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

Step 2: Disassembly. At Eurotech, your vehicle repair begins with the disassembly (or taking your vehicle apart) process. It is common for hidden damage to be found.

Step 3: Estimate or Work Order. No work is done until you receive an estimate and authorize the repairs by signing a written estimate or work order.

Step 4: Parts. The required parts are ordered and their availability confirmed. The repair process begins when Eurotech receives all of the required structural parts.

Step 5: Body and Structural Repair. Your vehicle’s frame structure is returned to its original position, and then a sophisticated measuring system is used to ensure that your vehicle is back within the manufacturer specifications.

Step 6: Paint Preparation and Painting. Paint preparation is a critical step in the refinishing process of every vehicle. All panels are prepared for paint, and then the base coat and clear coats are applied. Eurotech paint specialists use a computer paint mixing system to mix the paint that will match your vehicle’s finish. A paint code on your vehicle provides the starting point, but generally requires a trained eye to match the paint to your vehicle. Additionally, the paint may require blending, a technique used to facilitate matching the color of your vehicle.

Step 7: Finish Sanding or Denib and Polish. Even with extreme care in cleanliness and preparation procedures, dirt and particulates can land in the clear coat film during the application and drying process. Sanding or denibbing to remove dirt particulates and defects from refinished panels are a necessary operation for both OEM manufacturers and collision repair shops.

Step 8: Final Assembly. All components removed during the repair process are reinstalled onto the vehicle.

Step 9: Cleaning and Washing. During the repair process the vehicle accumulates dust, and it is necessary to have it cleaned and washed. It is also road-tested to ensure that everything is working properly.

Step 10: Final Inspection Checklist. Our exhaustive final inspection checklist will assure that the vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition before we return your newly restored vehicle to you. Additionally, our service specialists will also take your vehicle for a test drive to make sure everything is in good working order and that the vehicle handles properly.

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